Hotel Memories Miramar, La Habana, Cuba, del 22 al 26 de abril de 2019
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CIbSE 2019 Keynote - Len Bass

Abstract: Standard definitions of software engineering suggest that the software engineer’s job is done when the code is omitted. The definitions assume that deployment and operations are problems that belong to other people. In the modern world, this is no longer true. Software engineers must manage their code through to deployment and, frequently, are the first responders when a problem occurs. Without designing for deployment many different types of errors can occur during deployment. Without designing for first response, error correction can take a long time.

Microservice architecture is a design style that reduces the errors during deployment, speeds up deployment, and supports error detection after code is placed into production. This talk will describe how microservice architectures perform these miracles and at what cost.

Bio: Len Bass is an award-winning author who has lectured widely around the world. His books on software architecture are standards. His book on DevOps is, in the words of an Amazon reviewer, “the first DevOps book that shows a realistic and achievable view of the full implementation of DevOps.”  He is current writing a book with John Klein titled “Deployment and Operations for Software Engineers”. Len has over 50 years’ experience in software development, 25 of those at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon. He also worked for three years at NICTA in Australia and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University, where he teaches a course in DevOps.